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The Israeli Association of Aquatic Sciences

The Israeli Association for Aquatic Sciences (IAAS) was established in 2003 for the following purposes:
1. To create occasions for scientists and students interested in aquatic sciences to 
    meet, present and discuss their research interests. By ‘aquatic sciences’ we refer to all
    aspects of the study of marine and inland aquatic systems.
2. To convene multidisciplinary scientific conferences in order to strengthen the 
    ties between young and established aquatic researchers in Israel.
3. To present before the general public the findings and discoveries of the aquatic sciences.
The Association will convene at least once a year.
The membership in IAAS is open to all who are interested in marine and lacustrine

sciences, as well as in related fields of science and technology.

The officers of the Association are the president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary,

members of the executive committee and members of the control committee.

The membership in the executive committee is limited to seven members, who serve

terms of two to three years.

Elections to the presidency of the Association and the executive committee are carried out

during the annual meeting.